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How To Order?

1. Choose the amount of people you will like drawing.

2. Add the photos of people you would like drawing and upload them at once.

3. Click "Add to cart" and complete your order.

Can you use my photo if the image quality is poor ?

Please only add photos that are good quality, if you are unsure please contact us. We need the original full size photo, cropped or screenshot photos may effect the service.

How long will it take to create my portrait?

Due to very high demand, please be aware before placing an order that I cannot provide a turnaround time for photo merges. You have all made my dream come true. Thank you for your patience

Will I get a preview of my portrait?

Yes, upon receiving this opportunity for Previewing the image, you can make any suggestions regarding the order in which the individuals in the photographs are drawn, or the sizes of the individuals included in the image. 

Once You have provided the Feedback, and have approved the layout, You consent that You are satisfied with the design. Upon receiving your consent and Feedback, the Final Image is provided to you.

Whereafter, no requests for changes are accepted nor any claims for seeking refund are entertained by BlendedMoments.

How will I receive my portrait, do you send it in the post?

All our portraits are sent digitally to your email only, we do NOT offer hard copies. (We recommend getting all portraits developed using a professional printing company to maintain high resolution).

Do you offer refunds?

Our Services involve redrawing/editing of images or photographs, and provide you with custom products there for blended moments Services are provided to You on a strictly “ No Refund ” basis, barring certain circumstances. Refund may only be provided to You, for the payment made, in the event where BlendedMoments, at Our own discretion, decide that the photographs or images provided to Us are not suitable for creation of the Final Image.